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General Information and Booking Conditions


Definitions: 'You' or 'Your' refers to passengers, clients & retail travel agents both jointly and severally. 'Us' or 'We' refers to Relaxaway Travel Pty Ltd ABN 56 119 697 853 and all trading names including Relaxaway Holidays & Norfolk Island Getaways which for the purpose of these conditions shall be deemed to include any subsidiary affiliate, associate agents or company. 'Suppliers' refers to airlines, accommodation providers, rental car operators, tour operators, travel insurance providers, event organisers and any other suppliers, operator or provider booked on your behalf.

Deposits & Payments: A minimum deposit of $200 per person is payable within 72 hours of booking confirmation (This is in addition to any airfares or other special deposits that must be paid in full at time of booking - Most airfares are instant purchase and therefore must be paid at time of deposit). Final payment is required at least 45 days prior to departure. For bookings made less than 45days prior to departure full payment is required within 48 hours of booking confirmation. If for any reason payment is not received by the date due, all arrangements may be automatically cancelled without notice and cancellation fees applied to any deposits held. Additional deposits may be required to cover special airfares on some add-on, short stay and special fares and some accommodation and tour operators require special deposits in addition to the standard deposits. Groups and special events are subject to final payment at least 60days prior to departure. All deposits & payments are non-refundable unless specifically advised otherwise in writing.

Cancellation & Refunds: Cancellations made after any payment is due are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of $200 per person. Costs and fees imposed by suppliers, exchange rate variations, currency hedging costs and any costs associated with cancelling the booking are additional to these fees. All cancellations must be received in writing or full payment will apply. No refunds are available for any services once your travel has commenced. You should be aware, that most airfares, land and accommodation costs are non-refundable if you choose not to travel or do not arrive for any reason including weather or flight delays caused by any reason. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended. Any refund or settlement offer made by a supplier is made by that supplier directly to you unless specifically agreed in writing by our authorised management.

Amendment Fee: An amendment fee of $50 per person, per change is applicable in addition to any charges imposed by providers once deposits or payments have been made.

Prices: All holiday packages are quoted on an inclusive tour basis and itemisation of costs cannot be provided. All prices quoted subject to payment of deposit within 72 hours. Prices are subject to change with or without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as changes in exchange rates or increases in component costs. We reserve the right to change prices up until the date of departure even if full payment has been made. Passengers should be aware that airline prices are subject to change up until the time of ticketing (which is after airfare payments are received) to avoid changes in airfares you may wish to make payment for your travel earlier than the due date. In the case of changes to exchange rates, we may offer you the option to pay the holiday in full at the current exchange rate earlier if you choose not to take this option your holiday will be repriced subject to applicable increases. Full payment of your holiday does not exempt you from implementation of additional charges outside of our control and that of our suppliers such as changes to government taxes, currency changes and airport fees. We will offer advice in this regard, but regret we do not control, nor will we be held responsible for any government’s taxes, exchange rates, airline levies & airport charges

Add-on & Connecting Flights:
We recommend that all flights including add-on's and connecting flights are booked in a single reservation as flights will occasionally change or be delayed due to weather, operational requirements or rescheduling and if your arrangements are booked on separate reservations you will be liable for the cost of change or loss of your fares.

Suppliers have minimum connect times and travel insurance will normally only cover you where your flights are subject to extended delays. Our consultants are able to provide you with competitive quotes for your add-on/connecting flight. We regret that we are unable to change, assist, or provide any responsibility for changes to add-on & connecting flights & fares NOT booked by us.

Taxes & Charges: All prepaid ticketable taxes are included in any advertised prices from Australia, prices ex other countries are subject to airline/airport taxes/levies and will be separately itemised and payable on your invoice. Some locations may be subject to a departure fee which can only be paid at the destination and are not included in any quote, package or payment. All rental cars are subject to a daily insurance and petrol payable direct.

Travel Insurance: It is strongly recommended that all travellers purchase a comprehensive Travel insurance policy. This should cover as a minimum… Loss of any payments through cancellation, Loss of personal baggage and other valuables, medical expenses (Medicare does not apply in many other countries including Norfolk Island), any expenses to cover changes and repatriation should the travel need to be curtailed or extended due to illness or a requirement to change travel arrangements due to illness or death of a close relative or travelling companion and coverage for delays induced by delays to flights including weather (You should be aware, that most supplier costs are non-refundable if you do not arrive for any reason including weather or delays caused by any reason). Travel insurance can be arranged through us or another provider, however if it is not arranged through us, charges will apply for providing documentation required for any claim you may make.

Baggage: The baggage allowance in economy to most destinations is one piece at 23kg (some flights to smaller islands are less) plus one small piece of hand luggage per passenger. Additional luggage may be carried at the discretion of the supplier subject to their prevailing charges and space availability. Some special flights such as seaplane connections & helicopters have additional restrictions. On some domestic flights, a free baggage allowance is NOT included, and you should make sure you select the appropriate baggage option. Please check with your consultant.

Passports & Visa’s: For travel outside Australia (including travel to Norfolk Island) you require a passport (for Norfolk Island a Document of identity issued FREE of charge by the passport office is also acceptable) which is current for six months after your date of your return. You may require a visa to enter your destination and/or a re-entry visa to return to your home especially if you are traveling on other than an Australian or New Zealand Passport (not required traveling only from Australia to Lord Howe Island) Please ask your consultant if there is any doubt.

Not Included:
The tour package does NOT include meals (other than those specified on your invoice), passports, visas, any drinks or liquor, laundry, baggage charges, items of a personal nature, expenses incurred prior to departure, departure fees that are not prepayable on your flight tickets or any item not specifically included and paid for on your invoice and specifically listed on your itinerary. If you are in doubt as to inclusions please contact your consultant prior to payment.

Car Rental: Cars can be rented in most of our destinations. Car rates quoted do NOT include petrol or insurance which is payable direct to the car rental operator. Some car rental insurance or collision damage waivers may be compulsory and will not be covered by your travel insurance, however good travel insurance will normally cover your excess in case of accident. It is important that you confirm your licence is valid to allow you to drive in the destination you are visiting.

Accommodation, Cruise & Car Rental: You will normally be required to provide a credit card imprint or cash at time of check-in to your accommodation, Car Rental  or cruise as a deposit on incidentals. Please ensure your preferred payment method is accepted. Debit cards often have extended release periods and you should contact your card issuer for their policy.

Responsibilities: The terms and conditions in use by suppliers shall constitute the sole right of contract between suppliers and you. All tickets, coupons and orders are furnished and issued subject in all respects to the terms and conditions of the supplier. We give notice that in issuing tickets and coupons for travel, conveyance or transport by any means, and in making arrangements for suppliers, we are not acting as a principal, but only as a reservation agent for suppliers.

Accordingly, we will accept no responsibility in respect to either person or property for any loss, damage, death, injury, accident, delay or irregularity however occasioned, sustained or suffered in or during any package, journey, trip or tour, or in the carrying out of any arrangements booked by or through it and notwithstanding that its principal may be a foreign company, corporation or person and that so far as we shall not be acting as agents, as above, it shall be deemed to be acting as agents for the passengers effecting the bookings. Neither us nor our servants, agents or employees shall be or become responsible or liable for any additional expense or liability sustained or incurred by the passengers as a result of any event. No refunds will be made for unused ground content services provided in any holiday and we reserves the right to decline to accept any person on any tour or arrangement and to substitute airlines, Accommodation, Rental car operators, tour operators and travel insurance providers at any time. It is the responsibility of the passengers and travel agent (if applicable) to inform us of any special requirements and to communicate changes/alterations advised by us. No representations made by the passengers’ travel agents or any supplier concerning the quality, location, or any other matter in relation to the services and facilities provided by us shall be binding unless the agent has been expressly authorised by us in writing to make such representations.

Claims: We suggest that you talk directly with the supplier to resolve any issue you may have at the time of supply, If a supplier is to provide a refund or compensation for any service not provided they will normally do so at the time directly. We are only able to assist any claim the passenger may have with any supplier provided the claim is lodged in writing to us within 7 days of the provision of the service, statements and promises made by a supplier in regards to refund or compensation by us for services are not binding unless the supplier has been expressly authorised by us in writing to make such representations.

Payments: We will secure all payments received until disbursed to suppliers. We or company shareholders or directors are not responsible for any loss of moneys once passed on to suppliers that have been booked on your behalf.

Credit Cards: Where we acts as the credit card merchant for your package, you specifically agree that you will not try and claim back any monies on credit cards if we have passed it onto suppliers on your behalf regardless of whether you receive the service from the supplier or not. You hereby agree to indemnify us and repay to us on demand any amount recalled by our credit card merchant provider for any reason in respect of any payment you have made by credit card.

Where an agent provides credit card details for payment on behalf of a client, the agent specifically agrees that you or your clients will not try and claim back any monies on credit cards if we have passed it onto suppliers on your behalf regardless of whether the client receive the service from the supplier or not. The agent agrees to indemnify us and repay to us on demand any amount recalled by our credit card merchant provider for any reason in respect of any payment made by credit card.

Credit Cards charged in Australian or New Zealand dollars will appear on your statement as "Relaxaway" or "", Please make a note of this for your credit card reconciliation. It is extremely important that you take note of the details of any charge by us. If you have any questions on these charges, you must contact our office for resolution as a query or chargeback request to your credit card provider for a charge in any of the above names (or similar) may result in fees & investigation costs, which you hereby agree to pay in full as a debt owing to us.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors, changes or omissions. Please contact us before relying upon any information provided.

Acceptance of these booking conditions: The payment of any monies, issuance and acceptance of receipts, tickets, service vouchers and/or exchange orders shall be deemed as consent by the client, passenger and/or agent to these booking conditions.


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